For builders and contractors seeking dependable waterproofing solutions, Waterproofing Assurance, led by Darren Tava Williams, is your expert partner.

With over 25 years in the industry, we specialise in providing superior waterproofing services, focused on compliance and exceeding quality standards. As we expand from Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane, our commitment to innovation and excellence in waterproofing solutions is unwavering.

Trust us to deliver high-calibre, reliable waterproofing for your projects, setting new benchmarks in the industry.
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Compliance Testing

Our Compliance Testing provides builders and contractors with comprehensive compliance testing services. We offer Thickness Testing, Electronic Leak Detection, Adhesion Testing, Moisture Testing, and Thermal Photography - each using the latest technology to ensure your waterproofing stands up to the highest standards.
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Waterproofing Assurance's specialist consultancy tailors to your project’s unique needs, from initial design to final execution.
We offer in-depth design reviews, material compliance assessments, and complete waterproofing package preparation, ensuring each phase meets the industry’s rigorous standards.
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Darren Tava Williams founded Waterproofing Assurance from the ground up, leveraging his 25-year experience in construction and waterproofing. His network, built over the years in NSW and the ACT, formed the business’s cornerstone. Darren’s deep understanding of membrane technology, backed by his Construction Management qualifications, set the foundation. The company’s growth, fuelled by attracting industry-leading talent, enables expansion beyond Sydney into Melbourne and Brisbane. This strategic development showcases Waterproofing Assurance’s commitment to bringing exceptional waterproofing solutions to a broader market, solidifying its position as an industry leader.
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At Waterproofing Assurance, our distinct quality assurance service in waterproofing is unmatched. Our method integrates design phase consultancy with rigorous application phase quality control, effectively preventing common defects and costly future repairs. We utilise specialised testing methods to evaluate waterproofing membrane parameters meticulously. This ensures the waterproofing quality on your project aligns with NCC, Australian Standards, and industry best practices.

Why Choose Us?

We safeguard your project’s success with our commitment to excellence and precision, delivering reliable, compliant, high-quality waterproofing solutions.